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DKT WomanCare’s role in shaping the market for Levoplant in Africa

Last week, DKT WomanCare Global proudly participated in Development Innovation Insider’s webinar alongside the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research, Dahua, and FHI 360 to demonstrate the impact of low-cost but high-quality Chinese-made contraceptives in Africa.  

During the webinar DKT’s Marketing Director True Overholt shared the success story of the contraceptive implant Levoplant, manufactured near Shanghai by Dahua. Now distributed in over 30 countries mostly in Africa, the presentation shared how DKT uses #socialmarketing to bring Levoplant from the factory all the way to the user and highlighted Levoplant’s global growth and its importance in preserving access and choice in several key countries. The presentation ended with testimonials from four Levoplant users, who cited its long-duration, effectiveness, and “peace of mind to enjoy unprotected sex freely without fear” #pleasuree) as the main benefits.

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