Medical Abortion

Our medical abortion pills provide women with a safe, discreet and effective option for abortion.

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MisoMife-Fem® Combo

MisoMife-Fem® Combo

MisoMife-Fem® Combo is a combination of: 1 tablet of mifepristo...




MisoFem contains 4 tablets of misoprostol 200mcg. Obstetrics a...


What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is an abortion caused by taking a series of pills (a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Misoprostol alone) that lead to a termination of pregnancy.

How Medical Abortion works:

The pills relax the cervix and cause contractions within the uterus. Different from emergency contraception pills, the medicine used in medical abortion pills can be used months after the first missed period.

Endorsements of Medical Abortion

A miscarriage is a natural or spontaneous termination of a pregnancy, meaning the body expels the pregnancy on its own without the aid of medicine or a surgical procedure. An abortion occurs when a procedure is done with the purpose of ending a pregnancy. With that said, the symptoms of a miscarriage and the symptoms of an abortion with pills are the same.

When a medical or a surgical abortion is done properly, they are very safe procedures. The risk of complication is less than 1% for medical abortion. If you choose to have a medical abortion you need to use high-quality abortion pills in the recommended way to have a safe and effective abortion.

The most common risks are hemorrhage (excessive bleeding) or infection. If you get medical care on time, a hemorrhage or an infection can be treated easily in most health centers.

If you want to buy abortion pills in a local pharmacy you may or may not need a doctor’s prescription. This will depend on the regulations where you live.

If you are not pregnant and you use abortion pills you may experience cramping and temporary side effects, but you will not experience bleeding. This will not harm your health in any way. Consider that if you use abortion pills without first confirming you are pregnant with a test and you do not bleed, it will not be possible to know if you were not pregnant or if the pills simply did not work.

The only effective way to use Mifepristone is by swallowing it. Misoprostol can be used effectively in 3 different ways:
Sublingual - Misoprostol pills should be placed under your tongue for 30 minutes. During that time the pills will be absorbed. Afterwards, you can swallow with water any remains of the pills.
Buccal - Misoprostol pills should be placed between your gums and cheeks for 30 minutes. During that time the pills will be absorbed. Afterwards, you can swallow with water any remains of the pills.
Vaginal - Misoprostol pills should be placed inside your vagina and remain there for 30 minutes. The pills are usually absorbed, but sometimes the pills come out of the vagina during the process. Also, sometimes Misoprostol can leave traces that can be visible for health staff if you need medical care.

You can eat and drink normally during the medical abortion. The only time it is not recommended to eat or drink is the 30 minutes while you have Misoprostol pills in your mouth. This is to avoid swallowing the pills by mistake.

It is not mandatory, nor necessary to use antibiotics during a medical abortion. Some people recommend using antibiotics to prevent infections after using abortion pills.

It is perfectly safe for you and your baby to continue breastfeeding while using abortion pills. Mifepristone and/or Misoprostol will not cause any side effects or harm in your baby and breastfeeding will not decrease the efficacy of the abortion.

Resting during a medical abortion is not mandatory, although it is recommended for you to be more comfortable.

If abortion pills did not terminate your pregnancy, you can try again or have a surgical abortion if this procedure is available where you live. To use abortion pills again it is recommended to wait 48 hours since the last time you used the pills.

If abortion pills successfully terminated the pregnancy most women will not need to use any extra medication, nor have any surgical procedure afterwards.

A safe abortion will not decrease your fertility. Many women successfully get pregnant after having an abortion.

You can have sex whenever you want after having an abortion. If you are still bleeding from the abortion it is best if you can use a condom to reduce the chance of getting an infection.