2021 Global impact

Statics on women show: 

·      171 million women have an unmet need for family planning worldwide ​

·      121 million of unintended pregnancies each year ​

·      32 million ”less” or “least safe” abortions  each year​

·      26% of pregnancies are ending in a miscarriage each year​

·      47 thousand women are dying annually following an unsafe abortion

DKT WomanCare’s challenge stands at the core of one of the most intimate, powerful and universal human experiences: providing women and adolescents worldwide with pleasurable sex, without shame, confusion or anxiety.  This comes with affordable, high-quality products and education. ​

Our global impact against the challenge: 

·      We offered 2 million couples a year of contraceptive protection

·      4,022 maternal deaths were averted

·      763,347 unsafe abortions were avoided