Today, DKT WomanCare Global is becoming an innovative leader in increasing women’s global access to safe sexual and reproductive health (SRH) technologies. We are increasing the availability, accessibility and affordability of sexual and reproductive health products for women all around the world.

Through the WomanCare Academy, we educate gynaecologists, nurses, midwives and other healthcare providers worldwide to build their skills in delivering high quality, patient-centered care using our contraceptive and safe abortion products.

Partnering with DKT programs, local distributors and institutional entities to create and expand access to HCP trainings.

Developing easy-to use clinical training tools in multiple languages.

Leveraging the knowledge of our WomanCare Champions

Building capacity of our own non-clinical staff with the Ignite training program.

Explore the offerings of WomanCare Academy and delve into our training resources designed to enhance your knowledge of sexual and reproductive health. Navigate through our website to access valuable insights, guides, and tools that are tailored to elevate your expertise as a healthcare provider.