Strengthening partnerships in times of change

It has been almost a year since Russia has invaded Ukraine, creating pressure on Ukrainian citizens, and businesses, to adapt and survive. One of DKT WomanCare’s partnering companies that has been able to keep their business alive despite the war is Kleemed, a distribution company that sells medical products with the mission to promote people’s health and quality of life. 

Despite the war disrupting the original shipment plan between DKT WomanCare and Kleemed, the partnership between the two companies allowed Kleemed to diversify their supply lines for IUD’s, adapting with the changing times. Roman Gladkyi, the CEO of Kleemed, stated that relationships, such as the one with DKT WomanCare, “were strengthened by the conflict and are now key to keeping the business afloat”. 

To read more, check out the article below, produced by DKT international in partnership with the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. Gladkyi’s transformed business model can be inspirational to other companies faced with unexpected challenges, “You just have to move. If you stop, you’re out of life

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