Emergency contraceptive pill

What is the Emergency Contraception Pill?

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) are formulated to prevent pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse or a suspected contraceptive failure, such as a broken condom, or missed doses of contraceptive pills or injections. These pills are not the same as abortion pills as they do not terminate an established pregnancy. They are designed to be safe and suitable for all women seeking to prevent pregnancy, including those who may not be able to use hormonal contraceptives for long-term purposes. 

How does Emergency Contraception Pills work?

ECPs function primarily by preventing or delaying ovulation. Depending on the specific formulation, they can be effective if taken within 72 to 96 hours (3 to 4 days) following unprotected intercourse. 

Effectiveness of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 

The efficacy of ECPs is highest when taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Typically, the pregnancy rate when using ECPs is between 1.2% to 2.1%. The pill’s effectiveness decreases the longer the delay in taking it after unprotected intercourse. 

Benefits of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

The primary benefit of ECPs are the convenience and reassurance they offer. Women can be provided in advance, enabling them to take the pill immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse, thereby increasing its effectiveness. 

Potential side effects

While ECPs are generally safe, some women may experience minor and short-lived side effects. These can include:  

  • Changes in bleeding patterns, such as slight bleeding after taking the pills. 
  • Variations in the timing of monthly bleeding, which may start earlier or later than usual. 

Our Product – Postpil

What is Postpil?

Postpil is an emergency contraceptive pill designed to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse if a woman is concerned she could become pregnant. It can be used in the event of known or suspected contraceptive failure, such as condom breakage, missed contraceptive pills or injections, or sexual assault. Postpil is not an abortion pill, and taking the pill does not terminate an established pregnancy.

Who can use Postpil?

Postpil can be used by any woman of any age, who wishes to avoid pregnancy, including adolescents, women who are breastfeeding, or women with a history of ectopic pregnancy. Because of its short term action, it is even suitable for women who cannot take hormonal contraception.