Join the #LoveMyLevo movement and help us promote Levoplant contraceptive implants in your market

#LoveMyLevo Campaign 

 The #LoveMyLevo campaign is to promote top-of-mind awareness for Levoplant as a contraceptive option among women of the reproductive age. Through the campaign, we leverage social media to portray the decision to use Levoplant as a decisive, heroic moment when women take action to achieve their ambitions.

The implants can be used by most child bearing aged women. Levoplant is inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm by a healthcare provider in a 10-minute procedure. This is the ideal option for women who want to limit or space  out births. Being that the implant does not require regular intervention from a provider, it is also ideal for women with limited access to health services. Meeting the contraceptive needs of a community is done by increasing access to long-acting contraceptives. This increase to access is an essential factor in reducing unintended pregnancy and abortion. Removing  barriers  to contraception isalso a way to help women reach their education, career, and life goals.

Out of last year’s campaigns in Ghana, Kenya, Congo, Malawi, and Zambia:

·      500+ women received their implants for free

·      50+ healthcare providers were trained, both doctors and midwives

·      30+ influencers were involved, reaching over 6 million users with over 1,000 likes received altogether

If you decide to join the movement, we will help increase awareness around the implant’s method and Levoplant™’’s characteristics within your local community and medical actors through professional trainings and advanced marketing. We will also provide healthcare providers with implants insertion and removal skills. Lastly, we will provide supervised insertions for women who were seeking access to contraceptive methods for free.

Your support is precious. By joining the movement, you help increase the visibility of Levoplant, a 99 % effective contraceptive implant approved by the World Health Organization for 3 years of use.