Who we are

DKT WomanCare is a marketing and distribution platform created to dramatically increase the use of high-quality contraceptives, safe abortion, and reproductive health products

Who we are

DKT WomanCare builds on the footprint of WomanCare Global and DKT International to become the innovative leader in increasing women's global access to safe sexual and reproductive health (SRH) technologies.


Creating a world where women are empowered to live their lives to the fullest.


Being the ultimate customer-centric platform that expands access to existing and new sexual and reproductive health (SRH) technologies through synergies within DKT International programs worldwide, and other partners across all markets and segments.


DKT WomanCare was established in May 2017 when DKT International, a U.S.-based contraceptive social marketing organization, acquired WomanCare Global Trading CIC (WCG), the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) suite of technology. Ipas aspirators and EasyGrip® cannulae are the preferred medical devices for clinical abortion, miscarriage management, post-abortion care, and endometrial biopsy worldwide.

In February 2018, DKT WomanCare finalized a global marketing and distribution agreement with Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the worldwide marketing rights to Levoplant, a WHO prequalified 3-year contraceptive implant.

DKT WomanCare is featuring these two products as the core of its product portfolio as we leverage the distribution footprint of the former WCG with DKT International’s marketing skill and entrepreneurial savoir-faire.

DKT WomanCare is building on this foundation by adding new products and capabilities to become the leading aggregator of sexual and reproductive health technologies worldwide.