Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration Technology

Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiratuin Technology

The Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) technology is a significant advancement in reproductive health care, offering hand-held, easy-to-operate devices that use suction to effectively remove uterine contents. These aspirators attach to cannulae which are inserted into the cervix ensuring a gentle and minimally invasive procedure. 

The design of the Ipas MVA is focused on ease of use for providers, providing an ergonomic and intuitive experience suitable for a variety of clinical environments. This user-friendliness is paired with the device’s safety and efficiency. The controlled suction technique used in the MVA minimizes risks associated with uterine evacuation, such as perforation and infection, offering a safer option for all locations. Beyond its role in induced abortion, the Ipas MVA can also be used to evacuate the uterus in women with miscarriages and to treat incomplete abortions. This adaptability is reinforced by the World Health Organization’s endorsement of the manual vacuum aspiration technique for these procedures, emphasizing its effectiveness and safety. 

With its non-reliance on electricity, the Ipas MVA is also an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce operational costs, a crucial benefit in settings with limited resources. 

What is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)?

The surgical technique that uses a specialized device to gently evacuate the contents of the uterus. Preferred for its efficiency and minimal invasiveness, MVA is a quick procedure that can be performed in diverse clinical settings. It requires minimal recovery time, making it an excellent choice for both providers and patients. 

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