Eloira is a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) that is effective up to 5 years. Eloira is a highly effective contraceptive method that is also used to treat a range of gynecological conditions.

  • Rate-controlling membrane releases LNG locally into the uterus at a dose of 20mcg per day

  • Cylinder containing 52 mg of Levonorgestrel

  • More than a 99% success rate over 5 years

  • Mechanism of action: Thickens mucus in the cervical canal to prevent sperm reaching the egg; Thins uterine lining – can also prevent ovulation

  • Eloira does not cause abortion or protect against sexually transmitted infections

  • Side effects include changes in bleeding patterns – bleeding usually becomes lighter and less frequent. Menses may stop completely, but this this not harmful; Mood changes, acne, weight changes, migraines

  • Contraindications: Known or suspected pregnancy, acute blood clot in deep veins of legs or lungs, liver cirrhosis or tumour, history of breast cancer, current ovarian cancer, advanced HIV disease, high individual risk of STIs at time of insertion


  • Low rate of side effects: local release of the hormone limits systemic exposure

  • Can be removed at any time with no delay in the woman’s return to fertility

  • Effective nonsurgical treatment of heavy, prolonged, or painful menstruation

  • Can be inserted after childbirth (vaginal delivery or caesarean section), up to 48 hours after delivery or after 1 month* if medically eligible

  • Safe for breastfeeding women

Method of Administration:

  • Eloira is administered by a qualified healthcare provider

  • Insertion is short outpatient procedure

  • Insertion can be performed at any point during the menstrual cycle*  if it reasonably certain the woman is not pregnant

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