Flexible Karman Cannulae

A cost-effective solution for uterine evacuation. The original flexible cannulae.

Indications for use:  Miscarriage management; induced or incomplete abortion up to 12 weeks since the womans last menstrual period; Endometrial biopsy

Size 4-6mm compatible with Ipas Single-Valve Aspirator. Size 4-10 mm compatible with Ipas MVA Plus® and Ipas Double-Valve Aspirator with adapter. Size 12mm compatible with Ipas MVA Plus® and Ipas Double-Valve Aspirator.

  • Single use device, ready to use and sterily packed

  • Printing on cannulae color-coded by size

  • Uterine depth markers from 6 to 11 cm printed on cannulae

  • Sized 4 mm to 8 mm – two “whistle cut” openings

  • Sized 9 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm – one large “scoop cut” opening

  • Approximately 24 cm (9.5 in) in length

  • Latex-free plastic


  • Flexible – More flexible cannulae which is the best option for retroverted or retroflexed uterine position

  • Practical – Feel the ‘gritty’ sensation that indicates an evacuated uterus

  • Easy to identify – Cannulae are color-coded and use adapters with the same color-coding

Instructions for use: 

  • Providers select the cannula size based on the woman’s gestational age.

  • Prepare patient and provide pain relief – oral analgesia, paracervical block.

  • Creating the vacuum on the aspirator by pressing valve buttons and pulling plunger.

  • Insert cannula into the uterus and attach prepared aspirator.

  • Release valve buttons on the aspirator and gently rotate to aspirate uterine contents.

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